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Dirty Discourse is home to hundreds of self-publishing authors from all backgrounds and continents. Our forums contain all the information you need, whether it's to get started as an author or to hone your skills and increase your income.

Our community prides itself on our willingness to support other members and help them grow. We have created guides to help you at every step of the way, from publishing your first story to crafting your first novel, and we celebrate the success of each and every member. And when you're ready to become a best-selling author, we'll do everything we can to get you there.

"The opportunities on Dirty Discourse are only limited by your (amazing) imagination. From building friendships and networking opportunities within your genre, to in-depth studying of market trends, and up to date information on the latest Amazon changes, and way, way more. Dirty Discourse is likely the biggest and most targeted forum for authors who are interested in writing for financial gain or personal pleasure. Of all the money I've spent this year, my Dirty Discourse subscription is one of a small handful of things that I feel give more value than I could possibly quantify." - Alexis Abbott

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